Deluxe Twist

80% Wool, 20% Nylon. Three different pile weights. All Deluxe Velvet carpets can be carved.

  • Any width up to 10m
  • Available in any of the 290 colours in our standard Colourbox or can be matched to any colour chart or guide as well as any fabric or wallpaper
  • Can be made into carpet or rug, and any made to plan shape
  • 1/8th gauge
  • Backing: Primary – Polypropylene, Secondary – Woven Jute
  • 3 different weights
    1. Pile weight: 1695 gm/m2 (50 oz/yd2), Carpet weight: 2695 gm/m2
      • Pile height: 7.0mm, total thickness 9.0mm
      • Heavy domestic use
    2. Pile weight: 2034 gm/m2 (60 oz/yd2), Carpet weight: 3034 gm/m2
      • Pile height: 8.0mm, total thickness 10.0mm
      • Heavy domestic use
    3. Pile weight: 2373 gm/m2 (70 oz/yd2), Carpet weight: 3373 gm/m2
      • Pile height: 9.0mm, total thickness 11.0mm
      • Extra Heavy domestic use

NB: Due to the limitations of monitor technology the colours shown here may vary from the finished carpet. Full technical specification available on request.

A stack of three different Deluxe Twist pile weights and thicknesses
Close up sample of Firth Carpet's Deluxe Twist range