All orders that you place with Firth Carpets and Floorings Ltd will be on these terms (or any that we may issue to replace them).

By placing an order with us, you are expressly waiving any printed terms you may have to the extent that they are inconsistent with our terms.

Price: The price quoted excludes VAT (unless otherwise stated). VAT will be charged at the rate applying at the time of despatch. All prices quoted in our price list include the cost of carriage to commercial premises by road carrier’s standard service within mainland Great Britain. Any special despatch arrangements made at your request will incur an additional charge. We reserve the right to roll cuts together in one package. Single orders under 10 square metres may incur a delivery charge. Cut length prices apply to lengths under 25 linear metres. Tile orders should be for full boxes, orders of less than 25 square metres of tiles may attract a delivery charge. Luxury vinyl orders of 5 boxes or less will incur a delivery charge.

Payment: You are to pay us in cleared funds prior to delivery, unless you have an approved credit account. If you have an approved credit account, payment is due no later than 30 days following the date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Payment is strictly nett.

Risk and Retention of Title: The goods are at your risk from the time of delivery. Until you pay all debts you may owe us all goods supplied by us remain our property.

Despatch and Delivery: Although we make all reasonable efforts to effect delivery in accordance with prearranged dates, such dates are estimates only and time shall not be of the essence. We use independent carriers to deliver our carpets. They will not usually advise you of a delivery time. However, if you wish to have a timed delivery this can, usually, be arranged but there would be a cost for this service. You must inspect the goods on receipt and details of any damage must be endorsed on the delivery note and must be notified to us, in writing, within 3 working days of receipt of the goods. You must not cut or otherwise process the goods, and you must give us (and any carrier) a fair chance to inspect the damaged goods. If you fail to notify us in accordance with these requirements, you will not be entitled to reject the goods and will be deemed to have accepted the goods in accordance with the contract.

Cancellation: You may not cancel the order unless we agree in writing. If the order is cancelled (for any reason) you are then to pay us for all stock (finished or unfinished that we may then hold or to which we are committed) for the order.

Checking: All carpets must be checked for faults prior to cutting. This includes faults such as colour, colour match and size. No free replacement can be made after the carpet has been cut or installed.

Complaints and Returns: In the event of a complaint, this must be notified in writing to Firth Carpets and Floorings Ltd and authority obtained for any returns. We will only accept the return of goods from you by prior arrangement with us (confirmed in writing) and where the goods are as fit for sale on their return as they were on delivery, and where the size is suitable for resale (length no less than the width). It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all returns are rolled on a tube and are securely wrapped in polythene. Goods returned for credit due to your error will be subjected to a restocking charge of up to 25% of the invoice value for broadloom and 50% for rugs. You must arrange for and pay for returning rugs and it is entirely your responsibility to ensure the safekeeping of all products whilst in your possession.

Handmade products: Unlike machine-woven goods; hand-woven, hand-tufted or hand-knotted carpets will not have a uniform finish and we shall not be liable for any discrepancies in such products including but not limited to slight variations in colour and weave unless caused by the sellers negligence.

Rugs: Handmade rugs can differ in size. If size is critical then you should telephone before ordering.

Shading, fading and colour matching: All pile carpets, especially plain grounds, are liable to shading. That is to show light and dark patches arising from a change in the angle of the pile which may be permanent (also known as Pile Reversal). This is not a manufacturing fault and consumers must be made aware of this phenomenon. Carpets will lighten in colour or fade over a period of time. This depends on a number of factors: colour, dye method, location, exposure to, and intensity of, light. It is recommended that window protection (eg curtains, blinds, or tinting) is used for areas of sunlight. Where cut lengths of varying widths are ordered we cannot guarantee that they will colour match or accept a claim for non-matching of different widths. Where colour matching is essential this should be planned from one standard width.

Specification: We reserve the right to make any changes in the specifications of our goods that are necessary to ensure they conform to any applicable safety or statutory requirements and to make, without notice, any minor modifications in our specifications we think necessary or desirable. All descriptions and specifications given by the seller are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.

Display Material: Samples on display will not be from the same batch as current production and should be used as a colour guide only and not as an exact match.

Colour: It is not possible to guarantee the accuracy of colours shown on our website. No responsibility can be made for different colour settings on individual monitors.

Liability and Indemnity: We are not liable for any other loss or damage (including indirect or consequential loss, financial loss, loss of profits or loss of use) arising from the contract or the supply of goods or their use, even if we are negligent. You are to indemnify us in full and hold us harmless from all expenses and liabilities we may incur (directly or indirectly including financing costs and including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) following any breach by you of any of your obligations under these terms.

 The above outlines the salient points from our full terms and conditions, which are available on request.