To combat climate change and environmental breakdown we will all have to make lot of small changes to the way we live our lives. That’s why at Firth we have spent the past year thinking about how we can help our customers make these changes. In doing this we have introduced a new range with great green credentials and redesigned some of our popular products to reduce their impact on our planet.

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Love Cork Range

100% natural, lightweight, water-resistant, recyclable, hypoallergenic, heat insulating, fire retardant, biocide free, sound absorbing: our Love range has it all!

Cork has historically been underused and underappreciated as a flooring material. With our brand new Love range we are showing the world that cork is the perfect choice for any green-minded customer, whether in domestic, commercial or healthcare settings.

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Firth Carpets - two photos of Amor range cork flooring
Firth Carpets - quote from David Howard


The possible uses for nylon are unlimited but the world’s capacity to produce it isn’t. That’s where Econyl comes in.

Econyl is regenerated nylon produced from, amongst other things, old carpets, fishing nets and pre-consumer waste which can be used in exactly the same way as brand new nylon.

Firth Carpets - ©econyl process overview

© Econyl

In a push to extend our selection of eco-friendly products our Bardsey range was redesigned to be manufactured in 100% Econyl. Bardsey is a durable choice of broadloom carpet available in 4m and 5m widths in a selection of thirteen colours, which can also be converted to bespoke sized rug so is sure to complement any design and space

Firth Carpets - two photos of Bardsey range

Ryedale Range

As appealing as our cork and regenerated nylon ranges are, there are some interiors which cry out for more traditional materials. With our Ryedale range you don’t have to decide between traditional materials and eco-friendly flooring. Ryedale is produced using exclusively undyed wool making it a biodegradable, recyclable and chemical free choice for the environment-conscious consumer.

Firth Carpets - four samples of Ryedale range